Document Checklist

Loan Application Document Checklist

Most lenders require the same documents to approve a loan. Make sure you bring the documents below to your meeting with me to help fast-track your loan application. This is a general checklist so some of the documents may not apply to you.  I will confirm which documents you need.

Personal Identification

  1. Under current Anti Money Laundering / Counter terrorism Legislation Lenders will stipulate which identification documents they require. These may include a current passport and driver’s licence.

Income Details

  1. Your most recent Employer Payslips for the past three months with Year to Date figures.
  2. Group certificate.

If self employed

  1. The last two year’s personal and business tax returns and ATO assessments.
  2. Last two year’s business Financial Statements.

You may also need

  1. Proof of any Rental income from investment properties.
  2. Proof of any other income including Centrelink income or Private pension income

Additional documents for refinancing

  1. Documentation on your existing loan including commencement date, loan period and any early exit penalties payable.
  2. Statements for the last six months for any existing home loans and personal loans
  3. The most recent Council Rates Notice and building insurance policy on the property or properties being offered as security.

Credit cards:

  1. Statements for the last three months.

Additional documents if you already own a home

Statements for the last six months for any existing home loans or personal loans.

Three month’s credit card statements.

Contract of Sale for the property you’re buying

Statements for the last six months to show all your savings/investment history.

If other funds are being used for the purchase, evidence showing where the funds are held.

Statutory Declaration from any person giving you money (not already in your bank account) to assist with the purchase of the property.

Additional documents for investors

If you already have an investment property/ies:

Evidence of income such as rental statements.

Copy of the tenancy lease for each property

Council Rates Notice for each rental property.

Copy of the Contract of Sale for the property being purchased.

A letter from a property manager indicating likely rent for the new property.

Additional documents for borrowers seeking a construction loan

A valid builder’s fixed price contract, including all specifications.

Builders Insurance

Council approved plans.